Southeast texas waterways advisory council



Executive Board Members



R. Ogrydziak img


Mr. Randal Ogrydziak

Port of Beaumont

  Vice Chairman
Mr. Bryan Markland
Port of Beaumont
  Executive Secretary



Managing Board Members


Representing Names and E-Mail
Barge Operating Companies

David Peacock- Marine Fueling Service (P)

Jim Robertson - Strategic Towing (A)

Chemical / Oil Refining  Docks Rob Dubois - Motiva (P)

Bryan Markland - Lucite (A)

Commercial Fishing Assoc.

Nikki Tran - JBS (P)

Trey Pearson - JBS (A)

Emergency Response Robert Havens - Port Arthur Fire Dept. (P)
TBD -  (A)
Harbor Tug Companies Buddy Hicks - Seabultk Towing (P)
Steve Kelly - Moran Towing (A)
Jefferson County    Emergency Mgmt. Greg Fountain - Jefferson County Emer. Mgmt. (P)
Mike White - Jefferson County Emer. Mgmt. (A)
Law Enforcement Clay Woodward - Jefferson County Sheriff Office (P)
Todd Richards - Jefferson County Sheriff Office (A)
LNG Terminals Stephen Mills - Cheniere LNG (P)
Matthew Marlow - Golden Pass LNG (A)
Marine Terminals Robbie Flores - Jefferson Energy (P)
Craig Marshall - Oil Tanking (A)
NOAA Alan Bunn - NOAA
Organized Labor Niels Aalund - West Gulf Maritime Assoc. (P)
Niels Lyngso - West Gulf Maritime Assoc. (A)
Port of Beaumont Bill Carpenter - Port of Beaumont (P)
Kirby Dartez- Port of Beaumont (A)
Port of Orange Gene Boullion - Port of Orange (P)
Lorrie Taylor - Port of Orange (A)
Port of Port Arthur Floyd Gaspard - Port of Port Arthur (P)
Ronnie Hicks - Port of Port Arthur (A)
Port of Sabine Charles Adkins - Port of Sabine (P)
Sabine-Neches Navigation District Paul Beard - Sabine-Neches Navigation District (P) Randy Reese - Sabine-Neches Navigation District (A)
Sabine Pilots Assoc. Capt. Charles LaHaye - Sabine Pilots (P)
Capt. Brian Thibodeaux - Sabine Pilots (A)
Ship Operating Companies  Capt. Arip Ismail - Eagle Tankers (P)
Capt. Richard Russel - AET (A)
Shipping Agents Andy Collins - Moran Gulf (P)
Bob Hoffpauir - (A)
Shipyards / Vessel Repair Facilities Harry Murdock - Sterling Shipyard (P)
Kurt Moerbe- Vessel Repair(A)
Community Chamber of Commerce Morris Albright - Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce
Texas General Land Office JT Ewing - TGLO (P)
Mark Underhill - TGLO (A)
U.S. Army 842nd Battalion LTC Donald Santillo - U.S. Army 842nd Battalion (P)
Don Burns - U.S. Army 842nd Battalion (A)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Steven Sherrill - USACOE Port Arthur Office (P)

TBD - (A)

U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Jackie Twomey.- Captain of the Port
Scott Whalen - USCG Representative
Alvin Adams - USCG Auxillary
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bruce Guyote - U.S. Customs & Border Protection
U.S. Maritime    Administration Brian Hill - U.S. Maritime Administration (P)
Billy Greer - U.S. Maritime Administration (A)



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Standing Committees



Navigation Sub-Committee
Includes agents, CG VTS, pilots and vessel operators/charters


      Chairman - Captain Charles Tweedel (Sabine Pilots)




Waterway Maintenance and Improvement Sub-Committee
Includes ACOE and Sabine-Neches Navigation District


      Chairman - Mr. Randy Reese (Sabine-Neches Navigation District)






Dredging Operations Sub-Committee


     Chairman - Mr. Steve Sherrill (ASACE)
     --- Mr. Larry Fountain (Sabine-Neches Navigation District)




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Ad Hoc Committees

Outreach Committee


     Chairman - Niels Aalund (WGMA)



Port Welfare Committee


     Chairman - Fr. Sinclair Oubre (Apostleship of the Sea)

Bob Hoffpauier (Biehl & Co.)

Niels Aalund (WGMA)

Capt. Charles Tweedel (Sabine Pilots)