Southeast texas waterways advisory council



Certificate of merit

Sheriff Mitch Woods



The Commandant of the United States Coast Guard takes great pleasure in presenting the Coast Guard Certificate of Merit to Sheriff Mitch Woods for his outstanding leadership and contributions as a member of the Managing Board of the Southeast Texas Waterway Advisory Council (SETWAC) from 2008 to 2016.  During this time he served SETWAC as the Jefferson County Sheriff Department representative, and brought expertise and commitment to the port security needs of the waterway complex.


Sheriff Woods’ recognized the importance of the Sabine-Neches Waterway and the significant economic impact that derives from its use.  In 2008, after significant effort and coordination with the Navigation District and the U. S. Coast Guard, he was able to stand up a vibrant and professional marine division dedicated to port security, and maintaining the efficient flow of traffic on the waterway.  These marine resources have made significant contributions to port and waterway security including recreational boating safety, marine law enforcement, patrolling of marine events, and the escort of critical vessels into and out of the port.  


During his tenure, SETWAC was voted National Harbor Safety Committee of the Year for 2008; it served as a public safety forum to provide critical coordination for industrial growth along the Sabine-Neches Waterway including the construction of Cheniere and Golden Pass LNG facilities, expansion at Total, Motiva and Valero refineries as well as the Ports of Beaumont and Port Arthur.


Sheriff Woods’ professionalism and unparalleled commitment to the safety of Southeast Texas waterways will be sorely missed on the SETWAC Managing Board.  The SETWAC organization, the Sabine-Neches Maritime community, and the United States Coast Guard are all indebted to Sheriff Woods for his dedicated and distinguished service. 


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